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One post a week? HAH.

September 29, 2013

Sooooo my goal of getting one post on here a week has fallen utterly flat. The pressures of the school year workload combined with plugging away at the novel MS.

For what it’s worth, said MS is at nearly 125k words, and I began work on it in June. That’s probably not enough writing, or at least I constantly feel as though it isn’t, but it seems like a respectable pace. Of course, I seem to be considering splitting this particular manuscript into two novels. This potential course of action is fraught with peril and strewn with traps and risks the ridicule, scorn, and seething hatred of my alpha readers. On the other hand, I wonder whether a trilogy can remain a trilogy if the third book is significantly longer than books one and two.

By significantly, I mean, oh, sixty thousand words or so longer. Because that’s the length this is headed to (250k or so).

That being said, I’m going to deal with this the way I deal with all problems in the manuscript.

I’m going to ignore it.

That’s right, ignore it. I’ve been following a simple mantra all along, and for the first time in my life it’s working and allowing me to actually finish a project. Four words.

Write now. Fix later.

I don’t pay attention to a single error until I’m done with the first draft. Not one, unless it’s a massive continuity-wrecking mistake, or I realize the day after I wrote something that it was really quite terrible. Now, believe me, this makes working on subsequent drafts a tremendous pain in the ass. I wind up wincing at some of the things I thought were clever or well written. I engage in massive rewrites and cut out chunks of text I thought were golden. But the key point here is that the first draft gets finished. I honestly believe that I’ve finally stumbled my way into the process that actually works for me. There’s no outlines or schemes or sketches or marginalia (that’s to be explored in a separate post). There’s just adding to the narrative every day (or nearly every day) and driving the story forward until it gets to where I want it to end. That’s it.

In the meantime, maybe I can try and maintain a pace of a couple of posts a month.