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A Return and an Update

March 20, 2014

So much for a post a week huh?

I bet both of you are wondering where I’ve been. The short answer, which is almost always the answer you should give, is working my ass off. Between teaching and finishing a trilogy of novels, there just hasn’t been a great deal of time left over for blogging. It’s probably more fair to say that I haven’t made time, but that amounts to the same thing.

The reason for returning to blogging, though, is that said trilogy of novels is done, and even better, they have a publisher.

“Done,” of course, is a relative term. Three books exist in draft form, with the first of the three having had the most attention paid to it.

But the bigger news, of course, is the publisher!

The Paladin Trilogy found a home with Santa Fe Writer’s Project and the first book will be appearing in spring of 2016, with remaining two books in the following two years. A great deal of work is done, but a great deal remains to do before April 2016 rolls around. As I engage in that work, I am also going to make a more genuine effort to connect online with my fellow SF/F fans (and hopefully writers, of all stripe, but especially SF/F) via this blog and twitter. How am I going to do that, you ask?

Well, actually creating some content seems like a start. So what do I aim to do? Well, what does anybody do on the internet; blare my thoughts into the void, that’s what. Thoughts on what I’m reading, or watching, or listening to, thoughts on how the revision of my novels is coming along, whether I place any new poems or engage in any new projects. Here’s hoping the void shouts back.

The next two posts I have in mind will cover some “stats” on trilogy writing; when I started, how many words I wrote, that kind of thing. Beyond that, I think I want to write a little post on the elements of an action scene, or a fight scene. I don’t claim to write the best of them but I think I have a decent approach, and I feel like I can break it down pretty well. Teaching writing is the other thing I do besides write. Probably the only other thing, during the school year, anyway. Enough of my yakkin’. Go forth, read, write, but maybe come back by here sometime.