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A gesture

March 13, 2010

I’m a poet, but I don’t write enough poems. I don’t spend enough time with it. I could say I don’t have enough time…I work three jobs, I have a home life and a social one.

But that would be faint excuse. I once told my friends that if I couldn’t succeed as a poet, it didn’t matter what else I did with my life; I’d be a failure. Smarter friends would say that it would probably be wise to define ‘success’ in terms of something I control, but, at least if we follow Dr. Johnson’s old maxim*, I sure as hell didn’t want to become a poet because I was smart.

Is this blog, this little contribution to the background hum of the internet, going to make me succeed? Certainly not. But it will, I hope, force me to confront more honestly the work I ought to be doing more of.

Your feedback is welcome and appreciated, even if it’s to tell me to give up, move on, find something practical to do with my life. I’ll ignore it, but it’s welcome. You, by the way, means anyone. Old classmates, former students, colleagues, friends, or internet strangers.

One important rule; you’ll never offend me by telling me a poem sucks. There may be others, but I deal with rules all day so I’ll stop at that.

*”No man but a blockhead ever wrote except for money.” – Samuel Johnson